Author: Kabita Dhimal

5 Tips for Improving Cash Flow 

Raise Prices This might seem like an obvious point, but it’s common for business owners (especially new business owners) to hesitate when it’s time to raise prices. While this should be done

4 Tips for Content Writers

‘Content Writing’ is a job with a pretty broad description and a lot of different approaches. It can be summarized as ‘planning, writing, and editing of text, typically for clients, the web,

Why Your Title Is So Important

The headline or title is the most important part of any online blog post. With millions of new blog posts making their way online daily, you need something that will immediately help

10 Eye-Opening Blogging Statistics

With the online blog as popular and widespread as it is, many people don’t know the scale of the industry. Here are some impressive statistics that show how ubiquitous the blogging medium

Crafting a UX That Creates Value

UX design is integral to the average company because it’s an element that every customer is guaranteed to interact with at some point. An unavoidable part of the process should be well-designed,