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HR laws

Navigating New HR Laws for Savvy Managers

In the dynamic world of human resources, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it is a necessity. As leadership evolves, so does the legal landscape governing the workplace.

Training Gamification: What Does It Really Mean?

Increase Employee Training Retention with Gamification Organizations increasingly turn to innovative approaches to enhance employee training and development in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. One such approach is gamification, which has gained

Grants 101

Why grants? Grants play a vital role in our society, catalyzing positive change and innovation in various fields. These financial resources, typically provided by government agencies, foundations, or philanthropic organizations, empower individuals,

Little Mistakes Costing Big Money?

In 1999, NASA launched the Mars Climate Orbiter Satellite, designed to study Mars from orbit and serve as a communications relay. The mission ended up being unsuccessful when the satellite disintegrated, costing

Reduce Turnover Without Breaking the Bank

It’s the worst kept secret of the business world—turnover is expensive. Estimates of the cost range from 20% to 213% of the employee’s salary, which adds up to hundreds of thousands, if

Succeeding as a New or Younger CEO

Imagine you’re a camp counselor. You love your job—being around the kids, planning events, and doing what you love in general. Your director has a hike planned for all of the campers.

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